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Singapore Rugby logo.jpg
Union Singapore Rugby Union
Coach(es) James Forester, Casey Mees
Captain(s) Gaspar Tan
Team kit
Change kit
First international
 Malaysia 13–26 Singapore Singapore
(6 November 1972)
Largest win
Singapore Singapore 85–0 India 
(26 October 1998)
Largest defeat
 Hong Kong 164–13 Singapore Singapore
(27 October 1994)

The Singapore national rugby union team represents Singapore in international rugby union. They have yet to make their debut at the Rugby World Cup, though since the 1995 Rugby World Cup, Singapore have been participating in qualification competitions.


The Singapore Cricket Club is said to have been one of the first rugby clubs in Singapore when employees from the British East India Company brought the game to Singapore.[citation needed]

For many years in the 1800s and early 1900s the Singapore team that played against other Malayan states was made up of expatriates who were working in Singapore and army servicemen based in Singapore at the time. With such a large core of servicemen making the "national team" of the time, a Singapore "Civilians XV" also played many games representing the island state.

Up to the 1960s, this representation of Singapore Civilians represented the national team that competed in the annual Malaya Cup competition that saw states from around Malaya (now Malaysia). This was for the forerunner to the modern day Agong Cup that is currently organised by the Malaysian Rugby Union. This side was made up predominantly of expatriates from the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand.

In 1969, How Wai Chew and Leow Kim Liat, who were both at the time just out of school, were selected into the Singapore Civilians, making them the first local-born players to play for Singapore at any level.

This same day[when?] also saw the birth of the Under-23 national team when it played against Malaysia in the Anchor Cup curtain raiser match to the England game. The Under-23 team was made up of all national local boys from the Armed forces, Police force, local clubs and schools.[citation needed]

Singapore participated in the 1975 SEAP (South East Asian Peninsular Games). However, Singapore lost to both Thailand and Malaysia and emerged 3rd with a bronze medal.[citation needed]

In 1977 Singapore took part in the SEAP Games held in Malaysia. Singapore beat their 1975 performance by winning the silver medal after beating hosts Malaysia, but losing to Thailand in a rain sodden finals match.[citation needed]

In 1978, Singapore rugby achieved its best ever performance in their history annals under coach Natahar Bava. Singapore won a historic MRU Cup victory in the annual MRU (M'sian Rugby Union) tournament after 44 years of participation under the label of Singapore Civilians. The Singapore team beat the RNZIR (Royal New Zealand Infantry Battalion). Later that same year Singapore took part in the 6th Asian Rugby tournament held in Kuala Lumpur. They emerged with their best ever result to this day with a 3rd-place finish behind powerhouses, Japan and South Korea when they beat Thailand in a 16-15 3rd placing game.

For their efforts and achievements SNOC[who?] awarded Singapore Rugby with the Sportsman of the Year 1978 award to Song Koon Poh, Coach of the year to Natahar Bava and the entire 1978 team as the Sports Team of the year.[citation needed]

The Singapore team went on to repeat another MRU Cup win[clarification needed] under coach Natahar Bava in 1982.

Singapore also excelled in rugby sevens game during this period. The team under Natahar Bava achieved their best ever 7s game results during 1978, 1979 and 1980 in the HK 7s tournament. Singapore's best ever rugby 7s results was in 1979 when it qualified for the top 8 teams Cup quarter finals losing out eventually to Western Samoa 4-16. In 1980 again Singapore lost out in the Plate Finals to Japan by 0-40 in a flooded rain sodden game.[citation needed]

Rugby World Cup Qualifiers[edit]

Singapore first tried to qualify for a World Cup for the 1995 tournament in South Africa, taking part in the Asia qualifiers. Singapore played out of Group B in Round 1, though they lost their three fixtures and did not advance to Round 2. Singapore attempted to qualify for the 1999 Rugby World Cup in Wales also; playing in Round 1 of Asia, but losing both of their fixtures against Sri Lanka and Thailand.

Singapore finished second in the final standings of Pool A of Round 1 in attempting to qualify for the 2003 Rugby World Cup in Australia, and did not advance to Round 2. They finished second in their group in qualification for the 2007 Rugby World Cup in France as well, losing one match and winning one.

Makeup of the National Team[edit]

The current makeup of the National Team sees a lop-sided mix of expatriates who have fulfilled World Rugby eligibility rules over the local born and bred Singaporean players. The entirety of the team is based in Singapore, and are selected from all the Premiership clubs that play in the top division of the local league organised by the Singapore Rugby Union. While there has been past selection debates on an over reliance of expatriate players, the local development programme (National Rugby Academy) has seen success only at age group levels and hence see more local players through the ranks.

Asian 5 Nations Competition[edit]

Singapore have been competitors in the Asian 5 Nations competition since the inaugural 2008 tournament. In 2009 they competed in the premier division of the series. They kept the tournament winners Japan to a 30-point deficit, the smallest of any of Japan's games.


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