1970 Singaporean by-elections

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By-elections were held for five seats in the Parliament of Singapore in April 1970, resulting from the resignation of representatives of the People's Action Party (PAP). The PAP easily held all five seats; in three of them there was no opposition.


At the time of the 1968 general election, mass resignations by the members of Barisan Sosialis in the parliament, who opted to protest and "struggle for democracy" on the streets, had effectively removed all opposition from the parliament. In 1970, however, it was five members from the governing People's Action Party who were invited to resign and give way to new blood as a part of renewing PAP's ranks.

The resulting vacancies were in the constituencies of Delta, Havelock, Kampong Kapor, Ulu Pandan and Whampoa. By-elections were arranged, with nomination day set as 8 April 1970 and polling day as 18 April 1970.

Similar to 1968 general election, no opposition parties stood except a newly formed United National Front formed from remnants of the defunct Singapore Alliance. This party stood candidates in two seats out of the five, namely Kampong Kapor and Ulu Pandan. Once again the PAP won the other three by walkovers.

Election deposit[edit]

The election deposit was set at $500. Similar to previous elections, the election deposit would be forfeited if the particular candidate had failed to secure at least 12.5% or one-eighth of the votes.


By-election 1970: Delta
Party Candidate Votes % ±
PAP Yeo Choo Kok Walkover
Turnout 19,031
PAP hold Swing N/A
By-election 1970: Havelock
Party Candidate Votes % ±
PAP Hon Sui Sen Walkover
Turnout 11,498
PAP hold Swing N/A
By-election 1970: Kampong Kapor
Party Candidate Votes % ±
PAP Yeo Toon Chia 5,527 62.4 N/A
United National Front Chng Boon Eng 3,330 37.6 N/A
Majority 2,197 24.8 N/A
Turnout 9,195 83.7 N/A
PAP hold Swing N/A
By-election 1970: Ulu Pandan
Party Candidate Votes % ±
PAP Chiang Hai Ding 9,018 75.5 N/A
United National Front Vetrivelu Rengaswamy 2,925 24.5 N/A
Majority 6,093 51.0 N/A
Turnout 12,355 86.3 N/A
PAP hold Swing N/A
By-election 1970: Whampoa
Party Candidate Votes % ±
PAP Augustine Tan Hui Heng Walkover
Turnout 13,286
PAP hold Swing N/A