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Singer Pur is a German vocal sextet founded in 1991 by five former members of the Regensburger Domspatzen to sing jazz repertoire. In 1994 a soprano joined the group and since then Singer Pur focussed more and more on early and romantic music. But the vocal ensemble has no stylistic limitations and its programmes include anything performable by voices. Singer Pur has recorded more than 20 CDs, some of them highly awarded and a clear example of its versatility. Singer Pur has given concerts and workshops in more than 50 countries all over the world. [1][2][3][4]



  • (book) Sheets: SOS - Save Our Songs! - German folksongs edited for mixed choir, Schott Music ED 20301
  • (book) Sheets: Drei Schiffe sah ich segeln nach Bethlehem - German Christmas carols edited for mixed choir, Schott Music ED 20711
  • (book) Sheets: Der Singer Pur Adventskalender - 24 German Advent songs edited for mixed choir, Schott Music ED 22344


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