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SINGERS (2005).jpg
Compilation album by Mount Eerie
LabelP.W. Elverum & Sun, Ltd.
ProducerPhil Elverum
Mount Eerie chronology
Mount Eerie Dances with Wolves
Eleven Old Songs of Mount Eerie
Professional ratings
Review scores
Pitchfork Media6.8/10 [1]

Singers (styled SINGERS) is an album by Phil Elverum. The album is often credited to Elverum's musical project Mount Eerie (and includes several songs which re-appear on other Mount Eerie releases), although the sleevenotes offer the following declaration: THIS NEW BAND CALLED "SINGERS" IS BORN. THIS IS THE FIRST ALBUM BY SINGERS. The album was pressed on white vinyl and is now out-of-print.

Track listing[edit]

All songs by Phil Elverum.

  1. "Let's Get Out of the Romance"
  2. "Ut-Oh! It's Mourning Time Again"
  3. "Do Not Be Afraid"
  4. "Where Is My Tarp?"
  5. "I Cut My Hands Off"
  6. "So Your Big Black Cloud Will Come"
  7. "Human"
  8. "I'll Shut Up"
  9. "I Can't Believe You Actually Died"


The album features songs written by Elverum and performed with a large group of singers (in some cases more than fifty individuals), often recorded during sessions for other projects at Dub Narcotic Studio in Olympia, WA. Performers on the album include Jason Anderson, Zac Pennington, Anna Oxygen, Geneviève Castrée, Adam Forkner, Kyle Field, Calvin Johnson, Adrian Orange, Khaela Maricich, Dennis Driscoll and Mirah.