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Welcome to Singers Glen, Birthplace of Sacred Music in the South

Singers Glen is an unincorporated community located in Rockingham County, Virginia, and situated between Little North Mountain and Interstate 81. Singers Glen is a historic settlement that is registered by both the Virginia Historic Landmarks Commission and the United States Department of the Interior.[1] The community comprises one road (Singers Glen Road), the Singers Glen Post Office, a recycling center, the Singers Glen School, the Singers Glen Volunteer Fire Company, Singers Glen volunteer rescue squad, one store, and a Methodist and Baptist Church.


Singers Glen was first settled in 1809 by Joseph Funk and other descendants of the German Anabaptists who had been persecuted during the European Wars of Religion. Funk was a well known music teacher and composer, and thanks largely to him, Singers Glen is sometimes considered the birthplace of gospel music in the American South.[2]

The Joseph Funk House and Singers Glen Historic District are listed on the National Register of Historic Places.[3]


Singers Glen School operated from 1882 to 1973.[4]

Emergency services[edit]

Singers Glen Volunteer Fire Company, serves 32 square miles (83 km2) and at least 2,500 residents.[5]


Singers Glen Cemetery overlooks the town from atop a hill. Access is available from Turleytown Road.[6]

Singers Glen has more churches than commercial establishments. The churches in the Singers Glen area are Donovan Memorial United Methodist, Morning View Mennonite Church, Singers Glen Baptist Church, and Zion Hill Mennonite Church

Prominent residents and places[edit]


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