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Singha Beer.jpg
Current Thai bottle
ManufacturerBoon Rawd Brewery
Country of originThailand
Alcohol by volume5.0%
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Singha (Thai: สิงห์; RTGS: Sing) is a pale lager beer manufactured in Thailand by the Singha Corporation Co. Ltd., a subsidiary of its parent company, Boon Rawd Brewery. Singha was first brewed in 1933 and is available in over 50 countries worldwide[1] in both standard (5% ABV) and light (3.8%) versions.[2] Singha is brewed with 100% premium barley malt, three kinds of hops from Europe, and 100% artesian water. The brew is golden yellow in color, full-bodied, and rich in taste. It is packaged in bottles (330 ml and 630 ml), cans (330 ml and 490 ml), and on tap.[1]


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