Singing News Fan Awards for Favorite Male Singer

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The Favorite Male Singer award is awarded yearly in the Singing News Fan Awards ceremony to honor the Southern gospel vocalist fans select as their favorite that year.


The award has been given throughout the thirty-seven year history of the Fan Awards. Originally entitled "Mr. Gospel Singer," the award was given under that name in 1970 and 1971. In 1972 it was re-entitled "Mr. Gospel Music," and was given under that title for two years before being changed back to "Mr. Gospel Singer" in 1974. The award title alternated between the two until being renamed "Male Entertainer of the Year" in 1986. That name lasted only one year, as the award was re-titled "Favorite Male Gospel Singer" in 1987. A minor change occurred in 1989, when the award was called "Favorite Male Southern Gospel Singer." In 1990, the award was renamed yet again, this time to "Favorite Male Singer." It has kept this name since, with minor variations such as "Favorite Male Vocalist" and "Favorite Male Artist."