Hkamti, Myanmar

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Khamti, Kanti
Hkamti is located in Myanmar
Location in Burma
Coordinates: 26°00′06″N 95°41′32″E / 26.00167°N 95.69222°E / 26.00167; 95.69222Coordinates: 26°00′06″N 95°41′32″E / 26.00167°N 95.69222°E / 26.00167; 95.69222
Country  Burma
Region Sagaing Region
District Hkamti District
Township Hkamti Township
Time zone MST (UTC+6.30)

Khamti, Hkamti, Singkawng, Kanti[1] or Kantee[2] is a town in Hkamti District, Sagaing Division, in north-western Myanmar. It is the administrative center for both the district and Hkamti Township (Khamti Township).

Its airport[2] is known as Khamti Airport.

Although Hkamti is often called Khamti (Hkamti), there is also a village about two miles to the west that is called "Hkampti".


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