Single Gun Theory

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Single Gun Theory
Origin Sydney, Australia
Genres Synthpop, downtempo, dream pop
Years active 1986– 2000
Labels Nettwerk

Single Gun Theory was an Australian band made up of Jacqui Hunt (vocals), Pete Rivett-Carnac and Kath Power (samplers/keyboards), recording on the Canadian label Nettwerk and the Australian Volition Records. Their music combined elements of downtempo electronic music (such as programmed beats and synthesizers) with introspective, ethereal vocals and samples of dialogue. They released three studio albums and the score for Samantha Lang's film The Monkey's Mask in 2000.

Their song "From a Million Miles" featured as one of the tracks in the pilot episode of the TV series Due South and appeared on the show's soundtrack album.


Studio albums[edit]


  • "Open The Skies" b/w "The Red Sunshine" (1987)
  • "Surrender" (1991)
  • "From a Million Miles" (1992)
  • "I Am What I See" (1992)
  • Burning Bright (But Unseen) (EP) (1993)
  • "Fall" (1994)
  • "Fall" (12" vinyl remixes) (1994)
  • "Metaphysical" (12" vinyl remixes) (1995)
  • "Motherland" (1995)


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