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Singles Awareness Day (or Singles Appreciation Day) is a holiday celebrated by single people. It serves as a complement to Valentine's Day for people who are single, that is, not involved in a romantic relationship. It is a celebration of love in all forms recognising the love between friends and family, and loving yourself. [1] Some people who observe Singles Awareness Day do so out of spite for Valentine's Day, as a Hallmark holiday, or for other reasons.[2]

Singles Awareness Day is also celebrated as National Singles Day. In the US, National Singles Day is celebrated on 22 September, in China on 11 November, and 15 February in the United Kingdom.[3]

On Singles Awareness Day, single people gather to celebrate or to commiserate in their single status. Some want to remind romantic couples that they don't need to be in a relationship to celebrate life.[4][5] In China, Alibaba provides discounts for retail, in the UK the Dating Industry Professionals Network (DIPN) organise a Dating Fair, and the US encourage various singles events.

Common activities during include singles' events, traveling, volunteering, treating oneself to popular activities, gathering of family and friends, and gift-giving for oneself. One increasingly popular activity is to travel to Brazil and witness the Brazilian Carnival;[citation needed] Brazil celebrates Valentine's Day not in February, but in June. Another similar option is to celebrate Mardi Gras instead, which occurs around the same time as Valentine's Day.

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