Singleton Bank rail crash

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Coordinates: 53°48′27″N 2°57′00″W / 53.8076°N 2.9500°W / 53.8076; -2.9500

Singleton Bank rail crash
Singleton Bank rail crash.jpg
Date 16 July 1961
Time 10:30
Location Weeton, Lancashire
Country England
Rail line Fleetwood Branch Line
Cause Signaller error; site staff error
Trains 2
Deaths 7
Injuries 116
List of UK rail accidents by year

The Singleton Bank rail crash occurred on 16 July 1961 near Weeton, Lancashire, England.


The 8:50 diesel multiple unit train from Colne to Fleetwood collided with the rear of a ballast train at about 45 miles per hour (72 km/h). The latter had been working in the vicinity of Singleton Bank signal box and was about to leave to clear the section for the express.


Seven were killed (the driver and six passengers) and 116 were injured.[1]


The signalman at Singleton misunderstood a telephone message which led him to make a serious error and accept the diesel train irregularly. The accident report also strongly criticised the local inspectors for allowing poor working practices.


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