Singoalla (album)

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Soundtrack album by Thåström
Released 1998
Genre Soundtrack
Label Limited Ghost Records/Dust Music
Producer Joakim Thåström, Niklas Hellberg
Thåström chronology
Xplodera mig 2000
Det är ni som e dom konstiga, det är jag som e normal

This is not officially a real solo album from Thåström but more of a soundtrack to a novel with the same name by Victor Rydberg, written in 1857. The album was only released in 1000 copies during its first release in 1998, but it was re-released in 2002 with a new cover. It is mostly instrumental.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Det sjunde inseglet" (Thåström, Hell) (The Seventh Seal)
  2. "Requiem" (Thåström, Hell)
  3. "Erland" (Thåström, Hell)
  4. "Transdans" (Thåström, Hell) (Trance dance)
  5. "Polsk dimma" (Thåström, Hell) (Polish Mist)
  6. "Demoner i 3D" (Thåström, Hell) (Demons In 3D)
  7. "Piano, cello, stön" (Thåström, Hell) (Piano, Cello, Moans)
  8. "Folklåten" (Thåström, Hell) (The People's Song)
  9. "Bröllop" (Thåström, Hell) (Wedding)
  10. "Sorgebarn" (Thåström, Hell) (Child of sadness)
  11. "Psalm 70" (Thåström, Hell)


Samples from Darling Desperados production of Victor Rydberg's Singoalla