Singularity (Robby Krieger album)

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Studio album by Robby Krieger
Released 14 June, 2010
Genre Jazz rock
Length 48:59
Producer Arthur Barrow and Robby Krieger
Robby Krieger chronology

Singularity is the sixth and most recent solo album by Robby Krieger, former guitarist for The Doors. The album was released in 2010.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Russian Caravan (Intro)"
  2. "Russian Caravan"
  3. "Southern Cross"
  4. "Event Horizon (Intro)"
  5. "Event Horizon"
  6. "Coffin Dodger"
  7. "Runaway Trane"
  8. "Let It Slide"
  9. "Solar Wind"
  10. "House of Bees"