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Directed by Jabbar Patel
Screenplay by Vijay Tendulkar
Starring Nilu Phule
Shriram Lagoo
Mohan Agashe
Nana Patekar
Music by Hridaynath Mangeshkar
Release date
  • 1979 (1979)
Country India

Sinhasan (Marathi: Throne) is 1979 Marathi political drama film directed by Dr. Jabbar Patel. and written by journalist Vijay Tendulkar. The film is based on novel of the same name by writer and freelance journalist Arun Sadhu. The cast of the film included Nilu Phule, Arun Sarnaik, Shriram Lagoo, Mohan Agashe, Reema Lagoo, Nana Patekar, Usha Nadkarni, Datta Bhatt and Satish Dubhashi. [1]


The movie draws a parallel from the political turmoil of India.

The main character is a journalist named Digu Tipnis (Nilu Phule) who uncovers a network of telephone tapping, relations between trade unions and politicians, etc. The plot addresses Maharashtra's political corruption linked with Mumbai's entrepreneurial sector. Towards the end, Digu Tipnis becomes insane after being frustrated with the corrupt political system. The movie outlines how the effect of selfish and voracious behaviour of white collars and politicians on the common man.


The movie became quite famous for the song "Ushakkal hota hota". The song was based on poem written by poet Suresh Bhat. The song is fiery as well as heart touching. It showed the misery of common man in a corrupt social and political environment.


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