Sinister Swing

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Sinister Swing
AshtonNyte Sinister Swing.jpg
Studio album by Ashton Nyte
Released 2005
Recorded 2005 Intervention Arts Johannesburg, South Africa
Genre Alternative rock, trip hop
Label Intervention Arts
Producer Ashton Nyte
Ashton Nyte chronology
Dirt Sense
Sinister Swing
Headspace (2005)

Sinister Swing is the third studio album by South African recording artist Ashton Nyte, frontman for the Gothic rock band The Awakening. Described as "organic electronic / experimental"[1] music, the album received critical acclaim for the hybrid of pre-80's electro and the "icy echoes of isolation...and just a hint of swing." Includes South African radio hits "Distance," "Fingertips" and "Real." The album was also later performed with the University of Pretoria's theatre department as a cabaret piece. [2]

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Revival"
  2. "Passing Phase"
  3. "Little Everything"
  4. "White White Noise"
  5. "Fingertips"
  6. "Distance"
  7. "Trivial Things"
  8. "The Cutting Room"
  9. "Real"
  10. "Borrow The Hatchet"
  11. "Rogue"
  12. "Fading"