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Sinjar (Kurdish: Şengal[1]) is the name of a region and a town in northwestern Iraq's Ninawa Governorate near the Syrian border. Its population at the time of the 2006 census was 39,875[2].

A huge mound and wall in northeastern Syria known as Tell Hamoukar indicate an urban civilisation dating back at least 6,000 years. The Sinjar valley belonged to the Northern Ubaid culture. In the Sinjar plain, where Tell Hamoukar is located, civilizations are known to have existed many centuries earlier (Hassuna, Halaf, Ubaid). More than 200 sites are known.

The population of Sinjar is today predominantly Kurdish; the religion of the region is Yazidi, with a small number of Assyrian Christians and Sunni Muslims.

This town might be better known to the world, as the sight of the filming and some of the plot for The Exorcist (film).


Coordinates: 36°19′N 41°52′E / 36.32°N 41.86°E / 36.32; 41.86

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