Sink (Floater album)

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Studio album by Floater
Released September 1994
Genre Alternative metal
Length 64:18
Label Elemental Records
Producer The Blue Tool, Drew Canulette, Floater
Studio chronology

Sink is an album released by Floater in September 1994. Lyrics of isolation and insanity are set against dark and moody aural landscapes, ambient sampling montages, and savage instrumental punch. Sink received a preliminary Grammy nomination in the category of Best Rock Album. There are four known pressings of the disc art to exist.[1] The first and the rarest pressing shows the sink from the cover of the Sink demo tape. The second pressing shows the blue and white sea swirls with "Floater" and the man on the couch. The third pressing is a solid blue disc that has "Floater" and "Sink" on the top of the disc. The fourth pressing is also a solid blue disc, has "Floater" on the top of the disc and the man on the couch on the bottom. Sink was also released on cassette as well.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "The Beginning"
  2. "Seventeen"
  3. "Snowblind"
  4. "The Big Top"
  5. "Manic"
  6. "Weary"
  7. "Was a Time..."
  8. "Thin Skin"
  9. "Summoning (1)"
  10. "Godgun"
  11. "Ah"
  12. "Peter the Destroyer"
    1. The Ascent
    2. Declaration
    3. Peter the Destroyer
    4. Smoke and Madness
  13. "Kill the Girl"
  14. "Becoming"
  15. "They"
  16. "Tell the Captain"
  17. "Out of Sheer Loneliness"