Sinnada in Mauretania

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Not to be confused with Synnada in Phrygia, capital and Metropolitan Archbishopric of Phrygia Salutaris, in modern Turkey

Sinnada in Mauretania (also Synnada?) was an ancient city and former bishopric in Roman Africa, now a Latin Catholic titular see.

Its location is presumed near Kenada, in modern Algeria.


Sinnada was important enough in the Roman province of Mauretania Caesariensis to become a suffragan bishopric of its capital Caesarea Mauretaniae's Metropolitan Archbishop, but later faded.

Titular see[edit]

The diocese was nominally restored in 1933 as a Latin Catholic titular bishopric.

It has had the following incumbents, of the lowest (episcopal) and once of the intermediary (archiepiscopal) rank :

  • Titular Archbishop Marcel-Marie-Henri-Paul Dubois (1966.07.02 – death 1967.07.12), previously Bishop of Rodez (France) (1948.07.08 – 1954.06.10), Metropolitan Archbishop of Besançon (France) (1954.06.10 – 1966.07.02)
  • Titular Bishop Wilson Laus Schmidt (1968.01.22 – 1971.03.16)
  • Titular Bishop Antônio Soares Costa (1971.11.25 – 1993.10.27)
  • Titular Bishop James Kazuo Koda (ヤコブ幸田和生) (2004.11.29 – ...), Auxiliary Bishop of Tokyo 東京 (Japan)


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