Sinners in the Sun

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Sinners in the Sun
Directed by Alexander Hall
Starring Carole Lombard
Chester Morris
Alison Skipworth
Cary Grant
Cinematography Ray June
Distributed by Paramount Pictures
Release dates
May 13, 1932
Running time
70 minutes
Country United States
Language English

Sinners in the Sun is a 1932 American Pre-Code movie starring Carole Lombard, Chester Morris, Cary Grant and Alison Skipworth, directed by Alexander Hall.

The film is currently owned by Turner Classic Movies and in the 1990s it was shown on the TCM cable television channel. This is one of three TCM owned Cary Grant films that has never been officially released on DVD.


Doris Blake (Carole Lombard) works as a dresser in a haute couture saloon. Her boyfriend Jimmie Martin (Chester Morris) is a mechanic. They telephone about planning their sunday. They would like to take an early trip to New Jersey for a picnic. When he once again talks about marriage, she argues they both have no money, and it would be their ruinous unhappiness.The next day at the picnic again they quarrel about marriage and money. Jimmie reproaches Doris, that she wants to marry a rich man, according to her principles.

Quite annoyed with her they pack their things after he told her this would be their last ride. After some day Doris meets a rich woman Claire Kinkaid (Adrienne Ames) whom she confesses that she wants money and jewels and clothes, and Europe-trips, and all the things this other woman doesn't want because she already have them. Kinkaid ask her if she has a boyfriend, as this seems to be what she misses. She gets the chance to meet Jimmie as she steppes out of the building with Doris Blake. To hide from Doris he looks into the engine of the car, which appears to be Kinkaids car. She invites him to drive the car with her, as he tells her he wants once in his life to have one like it. And finally offers him a job as chauffeur, to start the morning after in Long Island, where she lives. He accepts because he wants to be far away from Doris, as he is disappointed by her.

While Kinkaid proposes to Martin, Doris is with rich and handsome Eric Nelson (Walter Byron). When she reads in the paper about Jimmies and Kinkaids wedding plans, she is puzzled. That same night coming home late she finds an angry father, that insinuates she is running around with a married man (Doris knows it, because Eric told her that he was going to be divorced soon) and calls her a no-good daughter.


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