Sinni (river)

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Origin Serra della Giumenta (Southern Apennines)
Mouth Ionian Sea
Length 94 km
Source elevation 1,380 m
Mouth elevation 0 m
Basin area 1,292 km²

The Sinni (Latin: Siris or Sinis; Greek: Σῖρις or Σίνις) is a 94 km long river in southern Italy. It flows through the region of Basilicata and into the Ionian Sea near Policoro; in antiquity, the city of Siris lay at its mouth.

Near the town of Senise, a dam on the river was built in 1970-1982, tha largest in Europe built with earth. In correspondence of it, it forms the Lake Monte Cotugno, one of the largest artificial basins in Italy.


The river Siris is mentioned by Lycophron (Alex. 982), as well as by Archilochus (ap. Athen. xii. p. 523); but the former author calls it Σίνις, and its modern name of Sinno would seem to be derived from an ancient period; for we find mention in the Tabula Peutingeriana of a station 4 miles from Heracleia, the name of which is written Semnum, probably a corruption for Ad Simnum or Sinnum. The Siris and Aciris (modern Agri) are mentioned in conjunction by Pliny as well as by Strabo, and are two of the most considerable streams in Lucania. (Plin. iii. 11. s. 15; Strab. vi. p. 264.) The name of the former river is noticed also in connection with the first great battle between Pyrrhus and the Romans, 280 BCE, which was fought upon its banks (Plut. Pyrrh. 16). It has been confounded by Florus and Orosius with the Liri in Campania. (Flor. i. 18. § 7; Oros. iv. 1.)