Sino-Nepal Friendship Bridge

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Friendship Bridge
Zangmu frontiere.JPG
Side view of Sino-Nepal Friendship Bridge. Nepal is on the left, China on the right.
Coordinates 27°58′24″N 85°57′50″E / 27.973413°N 85.964012°E / 27.973413; 85.964012Coordinates: 27°58′24″N 85°57′50″E / 27.973413°N 85.964012°E / 27.973413; 85.964012
Crosses Sun Kosi river

Kodari, Sindhulpalchok District,    Nepal

Zhangmu,  China
Total length 45 m
Width 8 m

The Sino-Nepal Friendship Bridge (Chinese: 中尼友谊桥; pinyin: Zhōng-Ní Yǒuyì Qiáo; Nepali: मितेरी पुल Miterī Pula) is a bridge spanning the Sun Kosi river, linking Kodari in Sindhulpalchok District, Nepal and Zhangmu, China.

From the bridge on the Nepalese side, Kodari in Sindhulpalchok District, the Arniko Rajmarg (Arniko Highway; abbreviated ARM) links to Kathmandu, named after the famous architect Arniko.

In the other direction, the China National Highway 318 goes to Zhangmu (Dram) and on to Shanghai. The Tibetan part of the highway between Zhangmu and Lhasa is known as the Friendship Highway.

The 2015 quakes closed the route and turned the border trading towns into ghost villages. By 2016, there was some repairs on the route, but trading had not been restored to previous levels. One problem is that there was a lot of damage that has not been fixed, and there was still big boulders coming down intermittently.[1]


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