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Sint-Anna-Pede is a village in Itterbeek, Belgium, which is a deelgemeente of Dilbeek. It gets its name from the Pedebeek, the stream that flows through the village.[1]

Sint-Anna-Pede was already mentioned in the first half of the 12th century as "Pethe"; later also as "capelle beatissima Anna in Peda" and as "apud Pede juxta nova capella", which means that probably there was an older building at the same site.[2]


  • the Sint-Anna Church : 13th century roman church, restored in the 17th century in the gothic style. It is depicted on The Blind Leading the Blind, a painting by Pieter Bruegel the Elder. It has had Protected status since 1948.[3]
  • the Bruegel Museum: 12 large reproductions of landscapes by Pieter Brueghel, who came to the area looking for inspiration.
  • the Zeventien bruggen (seventeen bridges): a concrete viaduct of 520m long and 28 m high across the valley of the Pedebeek. Sixteen of the bridges are part of the viaduct, while the seventeenth bridge lies under one of the arches.
  • the Klein Sint-Anna-kasteeltje (Small Saint-Anna Castle): Castle where according to the legend Charles V of Spain, Brueghel and Louis Quatorze would have slept.


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Coordinates: 50°49′54″N 4°14′00″E / 50.83167°N 4.23333°E / 50.83167; 4.23333