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Siobhan de Maré is a singer, mostly known from lending her voice to the album Formica Blues by the UK band Mono in 1997. In 2000, she joined Robin Guthrie (formerly of Cocteau Twins) to form Violet Indiana, which varies from shimmery wall of sound style with similarities to dreampop, to sparse single-guitar songs with less effects. [1] Siobhan has a sensual, ethereal voice.


Siobhan has fronted two bands so far in her career, the trip hop sounding "Mono" and guitar based "Violet Indiana". De Mare is currently (2015) writing and recording with Gary Bruce under the name Swoone[2] An album had been proposed for release at the end of 2015 but nothing was yielded.


  • Formica Blues (1997)

Violet Indiana[edit]

  • Choke EP (2000)
  • Special EP (2001)
  • Roulette (2001)
  • Killer Eyes EP (2001)
  • Casino (2002) (Compilation)
  • Beyond The Furr EP (2004)
  • Russian Doll (2004)


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