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Early peoples and kingdoms of Ireland, ca. 800

Síol Anmchadha was a sub-kingdom or lordship of Uí Maine, and ruled by an offshoot of the Uí Maine called the Síol Anmchadha ("the seed of Anmchadh"), from whom the territory took its name.

At its largest extent, the Kings of Síol Anmchadha ruled all the land on the west shore of Lough Derg (Shannon) as far south as Thomond; the land between the Shannon and Suck rivers; and a corridor of land, known as Lusmagh, across the Shannon in Munster, in the direction of Birr.

The ruling dynasty later took the surname Ó Madadháin, anglicised as Maddan or Madden. In the later medieval era they were sometime vassals of the Earl of Ulster and their successors, The Clanricardes.

The name Síol Anmchadha survives to the present day in the placename Baile Mór Síol Anmchadha, the Irish language version of Lawrencetown, County Galway.

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