Sion, Netherlands

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locatie Sion in Rijswijk
locatie Sion in Rijswijk
Coordinates: 52°1′7″N 4°19′30″E / 52.01861°N 4.32500°E / 52.01861; 4.32500
Country Netherlands
Province Zuid-Holland
Municipality Rijswijk
Population (2007) 190
Road sign in Sion, with the coach house of the former estate in the background.

Sion is a hamlet in the Dutch municipality of Rijswijk. It is located on the border with Delft, and has a population of about 210.

In 1345, the monastery Sancta Maria in Monte Sion was built in this area. It was demolished on the orders of the city of Delft in 1572, when Spanish troops approached the city, and was never rebuilt. In the 17th century, an estate was built on the grounds of the former monastery, and in the 19th century, it was divided into small parts and made into farms. There are now plans to build a new residential area in Sion.

Coordinates: 52°0′51″N 4°19′30″E / 52.01417°N 4.32500°E / 52.01417; 4.32500