Xiuguluan Mountain

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Xiuguluan Mountain
Xiuguluan Mountain as seen from Xiangyang Mountain ridge
Highest point
Elevation 3,825 metres (12,549 ft)
Listing 100 Peaks of Taiwan
Coordinates 23°29′48″N 121°03′27″E / 23.49679°N 121.05755°E / 23.49679; 121.05755Coordinates: 23°29′48″N 121°03′27″E / 23.49679°N 121.05755°E / 23.49679; 121.05755
Xiuguluan Mountain is located in Taiwan
Xiuguluan Mountain
Xiuguluan Mountain
The location of Xiuguluan Mountain
(Yushan National Park)
Location Xinyi, Nantou County/
Zhuoxi, Hualien County, Taiwan
Parent range Central Mountain Range
Xiuguluan Mountain and River

Xiuguluan Mountain or Xiuguluanshan (Chinese: 秀姑巒山; Hanyu Pinyin: Xiùgūluán Shān; Tongyong Pinyin: Siòuguluán Shan; Wade–Giles: Hsiu4-ku1-luan2 shan1; Pe̍h-ōe-jī: Siù-ko͘-loân-soaⁿ)[1] is a mountain in Taiwan in Yushan National Park with an elevation of 3,825 m. It is located in Hualien County by the Xiuguluan River which has many tributaries such as Fuyuan River, Fengping River, and Lekuleku River, all nearby the river basin.

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