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The Sioux Web Server is a 16-bit program that serves HTML and CGI for the DOS operating system. The Sioux Web Server package includes a free Winsock network driver written in 1992 by P.R. Tattum. The freeware was acquired by Trumpet Software International who now offers other commercial software. Winsock technology at that time was state-of-the-art and led to the creation of The Ultimate Collection of Winsock Software, websites, e-mail and the Internet. With a VirtualBox hypervisor you can install and run DOS and The Sioux Web Server with AMD PCNet or Intel Pro/100B packet drivers.

Sioux Webserver also refers to the high secure version of Apache HTTP Server. Beside formal quality processes in software development various other security requirements are standard. Research is needed to find a source to validate this article:

  • SSL encrypted communication, no weak cyphers
  • Minimum password length 12 for authentication
  • Only runs on SELinux and trusted Solaris
  • Role-based access control and use of jail/chroot environment for each forked child process.