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San Jose
Official seal of San Jose
Country  Philippines
Region National Capital Region
City Navotas City

Sipac-Almacen is one of the fourteen barangays of the city of Navotas. Presently, it is led by the elected Chairman Antonio Brainardo Linang.

The barangay is famous for the location of the Navotas City Hall and some points of interest like Navotas National High School, the main high school of Navotas, Navotas Playground, Jollibee, McDonald's and others.

It is bounded by Brgy. San Jose, Navotas to the north, Brgy. San Agustin, Malabon in Malabon City to the east (via Navotas River, the now defunct Badeo 1), Manila Bay to the west and Brgys' Navotas West and Navotas East to the south.