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Sipahh Logo
Type Milk Flavoring
Manufacturer Unistraw International Limited
Country of origin Australia
Introduced 2005
Variants Sipahh Chocolate, Sipahh Strawberry, Sipahh Banana, Sipahh Caramel, Sipahh Vanilla, Sipahh Choc-Mint, Sipahh Cookies and Cream
Related products Mai'a

Sipahh Milk Flavouring Straws are a range of flavouring straws that turn plain cold milk into flavoured milk as the milk is sipped through the straw. Sipahh straws are used like a normal straw. First launched in Australia in October 2005,[1] the Sipahh straw is now available in 44 countries across 5 continents. The straws have a range of flavours including chocolate, banana, caramel, strawberry, vanilla, cookies & cream, honeycomb and choc-mint. They are now sold as a health option at McDonald's in some countries.

A girl drinking with a Sipahh straw

Sipahh is the first commercially produced product to utilize the Unistraw Delivery System (UDS). The UDS consists of three parts: a recyclable, transparent straw; unique filters, at each end of the straw; hundreds of UniBeads inside each straw that deliver flavour to liquids sipped through the straw.[1] Unistraw was awarded The Australian Institute of Food Science Technology's Food Industry Innovation Award in 2006.[2]

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