Sipahijola Wildlife Sanctuary

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Sepahijala Wildlife Sanctuary
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Map showing the location of Sepahijala Wildlife Sanctuary
Map showing the location of Sepahijala Wildlife Sanctuary
Map showing the location of Sepahijala Wildlife Sanctuary
Map showing the location of Sepahijala Wildlife Sanctuary
LocationBishalgarh, Tripura
Nearest city5 km from Bishalgarh

25 km from Agartala

30 km from Melaghar
Coordinates23°39′52″N 91°18′42″E / 23.66444°N 91.31167°E / 23.66444; 91.31167Coordinates: 23°39′52″N 91°18′42″E / 23.66444°N 91.31167°E / 23.66444; 91.31167
Area18.05 square km [1]

Sepahijala Wildlife Sanctuary is a wildlife sanctuary in Tripura, India of some 18.53 square kilometres (7.15 sq mi), about 25 kilometres (16 mi) from the city centre, located in Bishalgarh.[2] It is a woodland with an artificial lake and natural botanical and zoological gardens. It is famous for its clouded leopard enclosures.


It was declared a Protected Area in 1987.


The sanctuary contains a variety of birds, primates, and other animals. The terrain is green throughout the year and the weather is temperate except for the two humid summer months of March and April. It gives shelter to about 150 species of birds and the unique bespectacled monkey, Phayre's langur. The primate section consists of four species (rhesus macaque, pig-tailed macaque, capped langur and spectacled langur). The crab-eating mongoose (last sighted in the 1930s) has been resuscitated. The sanctuary has been developed both as a wildlife sanctuary and as an academic and research centre. About 150 species of birds live in the sanctuary, and migratory birds visit in winter. Initiated in 1972 the sanctuary has five sections: carnivores, primates, ungulates, reptiles and aviary. There are several lakes;among which Amrit Sagar named lake have boating facility.[3]


There is an accommodation at the forest where a dak bungalow, called Abasarika, near the botanical garden, zoo and boating lake attracts the tourists to have a night adventure in the middle of the forest which is a great experience.

The Zoo, which is about 3-4 kms inside sanctuary, is open from 8 AM to 4 PM, Saturday to Thursday and one has to pay fee for self, camera and parking.


The sanctuary falls on way to Udaipur from Agartala and is spread over an area of a little more than 13 square kms.


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