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Sipiso-piso Waterfall
Sipiso-piso waterfall drops from an opening on the rock face to the bottom
LocationTanah Karo Regency, North Sumatra, Indonesia
Coordinates2°54′59″N 98°31′11″E / 2.916416°N 98.519648°E / 2.916416; 98.519648Coordinates: 2°54′59″N 98°31′11″E / 2.916416°N 98.519648°E / 2.916416; 98.519648
Total height120 metres (390 ft)
WatercoursePajanabolon River
The Sipiso-piso waterfall seen from the eastern rim of the Lake Toba crater, Sumatra

The Sipiso-piso is a plunge waterfall in the Batak highlands of Sumatra, Indonesia. It is formed by a small underground river of the Karo plateau that falls from a cave in the side of caldera of Lake Toba, some 120 metres (390 ft) down to lake level.[1] Sipiso-piso is a well-known tourist attraction and a nearby vantage point offers views of the falls and lake.

Sipiso-piso waterfall is located in the Tanah Karo regency in North Sumatra, at the northernmost tip of the Lake Toba caldera, near the fishing village of Tongging.[1] The closest municipality is the town of Kabanjahe, about 25 km (16 mi) away,


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