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Siple Coast (82°0′S 155°0′W / 82.000°S 155.000°W / -82.000; -155.000Coordinates: 82°0′S 155°0′W / 82.000°S 155.000°W / -82.000; -155.000) is the middle portion of the relatively ill-defined coast along the east side of the Ross Ice Shelf, between the north end of Gould Coast (83°30′S 153°00′W / 83.500°S 153.000°W / -83.500; -153.000) and the south end of Shirase Coast (80°10′S 151°00′W / 80.167°S 151.000°W / -80.167; -151.000). The area was originally called Kirton Coast, but was renamed by NZ-APC in 1961 after Paul A. Siple, a noted American scientist-explorer who accompanied R. Admiral Richard E. Byrd on all of his Antarctic expeditions.

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• Bindschadler, R. (1993), Siple Coast Project research of Crary Ice Rise and the mouths of Ice Streams B and C, West Antarctica: Review and new perspectives, Journal of Glaciology, 39(133), 538–552. doi:10.3189/S0022143000016439

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