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Sipura Technology, Inc. was a Voice over IP (VoIP) startup company based in San Jose, California founded in 2003 with its siblings VideoCore and Komodo Technology, Inc. Sipura made VoIP telephone adapters including the Sipura Phone Adapter SPA2100, SPA3000, SPA9000, as well as SPA series IP phones, like the SPA941.

Cisco Systems acquired VOIP maker Sipura Technologies for its Linksys division on April 26, 2005. Ever since, Sipura has been releasing its SPA series equipment under the Linksys brand.


  • SPA2000: Basic phone adapter that allows two plain old telephone service (POTS) phones or fax machines to be connected to an Ethernet network in order to make and receive telephone calls or faxes.
  • SPA2100: Similar to the SPA2000 with the addition of an Ethernet router.  Functions of the built-in router include QoS.
  • SPA3000: The SPA3000 has one phone adapter port (FXS), one FXO port and can be used for POTS backup for strictly VoIP systems.
  • SPA3102: Similar to the SPA3000, it includes a single LAN output that can be used to connect to a computer. This is handy if the user only has an ISP modem and no router. The SPA3102 connects to the LAN socket on the ISP modem. The computer, which is traditionally connected to the modem, now connects directly to the LAN connection on the SPA3102. The SPA3102, effectively, is an ATA and single output router in one box.
  • SPA9000: An IP PBX system that allows an auto-attendant to be configured, hunt groups, multiple IP phone extensions, and POTS connectors. The SPA9000 also has basic router functions, port forwarding, quality of service, and DTMF functionality.
  • SPA901: A basic IP phone with only one line.
  • SPA921: A single-line phone with LCD screen.
  • SPA922: A single-line phone with LCD screen, but adds a single port built in switch.
  • SPA941: The flagship of the SPA phones, it incorporates a 4-line IP phone and an LCD.
  • SPA942: Similar to the 941 aside from the additions of power over Ethernet ability, back-lit screen, and a single port built-in switch.
  • SPA962: Similar in appearance and functionality to the 941/942, it features a six line, 2-inch color screen.

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