Sir (2018 film)

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Produced byRohena Gera
Brice Poisson
Written byRohena Gera
Screenplay byRohena Gera
StarringTillotama Shome
Vivek Gomber
Music byPierre Aviat
CinematographyDominique Colin
Edited byJacques Comets
Baptiste Ribrault
Release date
  • 14 May 2018 (2018-05-14) (Cannes Film Festival)
  • 20 March 2020 (2020-03-20)
Running time
99 minutes

Sir is a Hindi-language romantic drama directed by Rohena Gera. The movie stars Tillotama Shome and Vivek Gomber and was produced by Rohena Gera and Brice Poisson. Sir had an initial release at the Cannes Film Festival in 2018[1][2] and a broader theatrical release in October 2018.[3]


Ratna is a live-in maid employed by Ashwin and his girl-friend.

Ashwin has recently returned to Mumbai from New York leaving behind his dream to be a writer after learning his brother is not well. He stays back to support his family emotionally when his brother expires. Ratna is an independent person with self-respect. She is working in Mumbai to be self-sufficient and also financially helps her family and encourages her sister to study. It was her dream to study but as she could not fulfill it because of marriage, she wants her sister to get educated. She also nurtures a dream to become a fashion designer.

The movie opens with Ratna being called back for work as Ashwin has broken his marriage with his girl friend and come back home. From the conversations with his friends and family we learn the girl has cheated on him. He stays low spirited for days until Ratna, not able to see him unhappy narrates her story of loosing husband after just 4 months. She says 'life never stops', implying we should move on with our life whatever may come. She stays back to work at his house defying the possibility of bad name of living with a man alone. We gradually learn that Ashwin is a nice person who does not care about class differences and respects Ratna like any other person in his life. He speaks up for her when an acquaintance of his scolds her for spilling a drink. Over time Ashwin learns about Ratna's dream to become a fashion designer when Ratna asks Ashwin's permission to go to tailoring classes and expresses her wish to become a fashion designer. Ashwin initially thinks light of her desire, but immediately corrects himself and asks Ratna's apology and says 'everyone has the right to dream'. Ratna also feels for Ashwin as he is stuck in Mumbai for his family and as he his not able follow his dream to write. They support each other emotionally.

Ratna gifts him a shirt on Ashwin's birthday which she designs herself. He wears the shirt on the same day. She also gets sewing machine as gift from Ashwin. They become affectionate of each other. Meanwhile Ratna learns that her sister is getting ready for marriage even before completing her exams. She is disappointed to know her sister is enthusiastic to come to Mumbai than complete her studies. But Ashwin consoles her saying the groom may be a good person, who wants his wife to be independent. He gifts some money for her sister's marriage even when she resists. He calls her when she is away for marriage to check in with her. The attention makes her uncomfortable, but she is happy too.

Upon her return to work for Ashwin, the dynamic changes between them. Ashwin expresses his feelings. Though Ratna gets attracted to him for a moment, she strongly expresses her will against any possible relationship. When Ashwin asks her to go out, she takes him to the building rooftop where they share some thoughts and have a conversation. Ashwin discourages her to call him 'sir'. When Ashwin's friend learns of his feelings he discourages him from being in a relationship with a maid and reminds him of the social repercussions of such a relationship. He says for Ratna's sake he should not act upon his feelings. Ratna, as the maid, is asked to cook for a party at Ashwin's mother's place. Ashwin unintentionally makes Ratna uncomfortable by asking if he should wait for her to go back home, provoking the scorn of other household employees.

When they are back Ratna makes it clear that they cannot be in a relationship and she will not be welcome among his family and friends and vice-versa. When he insists on being together, she decides to quit her job and leaves, despite Ashwin's request to help her in anyway if not staying together. She tells him not to worry for her. Ratna moves to her sister's house, while Ashwin tells his father that he will be moving back to New York and his love for Ratna. After some time we see Ratna getting hired by Ashwin's friend who is a fashion designer, likely because of Ashwin's recommendation. Ratna goes to Ashwin's house to see him but finds that the door is locked. She goes to the rooftop and hears Ashwin's call. Finally, understanding Ashwin's concern to see her as an equal she reconciles with her identity crisis and responds to call by addressing him by his first name 'Ashwin'.


  • Tillotama Shome as Ratna
  • Vivek Gomber as Ashwin
  • Geetanjali Kulkarni as Laxmi
  • Ahmareen Anjum as Devika
  • Rahul Vohra as Haresh


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