Sir Alexander Don, 5th Baronet

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Colonel Sir Alexander Don, 5th Baronet of Newton Don (died 1815) was a Scottish soldier who served as a British Army officer during the French Revolutionary Wars.[1]


Alexander was the son of Sir Alexander Don, 4th Baronet of Newton Don, and Mary, daughter of John Murray of Philiphaugh.[1]

Alexander succeeded to the title of 5th Baronet on 2 October 1776. In 1778 Sir Alexander was promoted to the rank of captain in the Southern Fencibles.[1] On 21 April 1795 he was commissioned to Colonel of the newly formed Berwickshire Regiment (a fencibles cavalry regiment).[2] He died on 5 June 1815.[1]


In 1778 Sir Alexander married Lady Henrietta Cuninghame, daughter of Major-General William Cunningham, 13th Earl of Glencairn and Elizabeth Maguire.[1] They had some children:

  • Elizabeth[1] (died 12 June 1795)
  • Mary[1] (died 12 June 1795)
  • Alexander[1] (1779–1826), his heir and the 6th baronet.


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