Sir Charles Langham, 13th Baronet

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Drawer of Pieridaefrom the Langham collection, Ulster Museum

Sir Herbert Charles Arthur Langham, 13th Baronet (24 May 1870, Cottesbrooke, Northamptonshire - 3 October 1951, Tempo) was an English landowner, photographer, ornithologist and entomologist. He was educated at Eton and later became a lieutenant in the Northamptonshire Regiment. He married Ethel (known in the family as Jenny) Tennent in 1893 and came to live in Tempo Manor, County Fermanagh, which she had inherited. The house and estate had been built by her grandfather, another naturalist, James Emerson Tennent. Langham was Deputy Lieutenant and Justice of the Peace for the county. In 1930 he was appointed High Sheriff of Fermanagh.


Langham used a full-plate camera with a tripod and a hand-held cameras manufactured by Leica and Voigtländer and other cameras from the U.S.A company Kodak. His subjects included the village and people of Tempo, the Alps, family and the female nude.


From 1890 Langham spent Spring and Summer in the French and Swiss Alps. He was primarily a collector. His butterfly and moth collection includes English and Irish specimens. The French Alps, Swiss Alps and Alpine collection is butterfly only and is augmented by specimens(purchased) from Scandinavia, Palestine (ex Philip Graves), Persia, North Africa and Russia.


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Baronetage of England
Preceded by
Herbert Hay Langham
(of Cottesbrooke)
Succeeded by
John Charles Patrick Langham