Sir Edward Turner, 1st Baronet

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Sir Edward Turner, Bt
Born Edward Turner
Died 1735
Spouse(s) Mary Page
Children Sir Edward Turner, 2nd Baronet

Sir Edward Turner, 1st Baronet (1691 – 1735) was an 18th-century investor, landowner and baronet.[1]

He was born in London the son of John Turner, a well-to-do London merchant (d. 1708) and educated at Bicester Grammar School.[2] Like his father, he became a merchant in London, a Director and sometime Chairman of the East India Company. He served a year as the High Sheriff of Oxfordshire in 1732.

In 1718 he married Mary Page, the daughter of Sir Gregory Page, 1st Baronet, who was a "merchant prince" with great wealth from the British East India Company.[1] Both Turner and his father-in-law invested in the South Sea Company, but when the company's stock had risen in price in the South Sea Bubble, they sold their shareholdings at a profit before the price crashed in 1720.[1]

Both men then invested their increased wealth in land. Turner bought two manors in Oxfordshire from Sir Stephen Glynne, 3rd Baronet: one of the manors of Bicester in 1728[2] and then the manor of Ambrosden in 1729.[1]

Turner was made 1st Baronet of Ambrosden in 1733.[3] He died in 1735 and was succeeded by his son Sir Edward Turner, 2nd Baronet.


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Baronetage of Great Britain
New creation Baronet
(of Ambrosden)
Succeeded by
Edward Turner