Sir Guy Carleton Elementary School

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Sir Guy Carleton Elementary School
3250 Kingsway

, ,
School typeElementary school
School boardSchool District 39 Vancouver
Area trusteeJanet Fraser
School number03939030
PrincipalJohn Cortens
Enrollment305[1] (March 2012)
Colour(s)Red and White
Team nameEagles

Sir Guy Carleton Elementary School (commonly referred to as Carleton) is an elementary school situated in the western part of the Renfrew-Collingwood neighbourhood of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The school is a part of School District 39 Vancouver.


The school is located next to the intersection of Kingsway and Joyce Street and the original schoolhouse was central to the Collingwood community since its completion in 1896.[2] It is the oldest school in British Columbia and is ranked an "A" category heritage building in Vancouver's Heritage Register.[3] Originally named the Vancouver East School, its name was changed to Collingwood Heights in 1908, and then to its present name in 1911. The school is named after Guy Carleton, the lieutenant-governor of Quebec during the late 18th century.

2008 schoolhouse fire[edit]

At around midnight on March 2nd, 2008, the original schoolhouse was set ablaze by arsonists.[4][5] The kindergarten classes that were taught in the schoolhouse had to be temporarily relocated due to the fire.[6] After the fire, the Vancouver School Board (VSB) considered demolishing the charred building; however, the idea was met with heavy protest, and the idea was later scrapped.

In 2012, Green Thumb Theatre entered into a lease agreement with the VSB, restoring the two outbuildings. Construction was completed in early 2013, and one of the buildings became the administrative office for Green Thumb Theatre, while the other houses a theatre.

2016 brick building fire[edit]

On August 19th, 2016, at around 7:15 PM, a fire began on the third floor of the main brick building, which quickly spread and was subsequently upgraded to a four-alarm blaze. The flames reach the building's attic, where the fire was contained. The source of the fire remains unclear.[7]

Proposed closure and move[edit]

In June 2016, the VSB announced their intention to close down Carleton, along with Graham D. Bruce Elementary School and Gladstone Secondary School, due to the VSB's failure to cut operating costs.[8][9] In October 2016, the VSB announced that they would suspend their plans for school closures "indefinitely".[10]

Notable alumni[edit]


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