Sir John Sulman Medal

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Sir John Sulman Medal
Australian Academy of Science 3.jpg
Awarded for Architectural merit
Country Australia
Presented by Royal Australian Institute of Architects (NSW)
First awarded 1932
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The Sir John Sulman Medal is a New South Wales architectural prize presented by the New South Wales chapter of the Australian Institute of Architects since 1932.[1]

The medal is presented in memory of the Australian architect Sir John Sulman (29 August 1849 – 18 August 1934).[1] Born in Greenwich, England, he emigrated to Sydney in 1885. From 1921 to 1924 he was chairman of the Federal Capital Advisory Committee and influenced the development of Canberra. The medal is sometimes referred to as the Sulman Award and now recognises excellence in public and commercial buildings. Before the advent of the Wilkinson Award it was on occasions presented to domestic projects.

The Sir John Sulman Prize for "best subject/genre painting and/or mural project" is awarded by the Art Gallery of New South Wales and is not connected to the Sir John Sulman Medal, although named in honour of the same person.


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