Sir Joseph Banks Conservatory

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Exterior of the Sir Joseph Banks Conservatory

The Sir Joseph Banks Conservatory in Lincoln, Lincolnshire, England is named after the British explorer and naturalist who, as long-time president of the Royal Society, became known for his promotion of science.

About the Conservatory[edit]

The Sir Joseph Banks Conservatory is a tropical house themed with plants and reminiscent of the voyages of its namesake, Sir Joseph Banks. A gift shop is located at the entrance to the tropical conservatory.

The Conservatory and was situated in the grounds of The Lawn, which are a popular green haven and venue for many summer activities. In December 2016 it was moved to Woodside falconry centre. The John Dawber walled garden is another popular attribute of The Lawn Visitor Centre.

The Lawn Visitor Centre in Lincoln is situated on Union Road, Lincoln (off Burton Road).[1]


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