Sir Mark Sykes, 1st Baronet

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Sir Mark Sykes, 1st Baronet (9 May 1711 - 14 September 1783) was a priest in the Church of England, Rector of Roos in the East Riding of Yorkshire.[1] Sykes was created a baronet in 1783, shortly before his death; the baronetcy was originally designed for his son Christopher, who insisted it be conferred upon his father.[2]

He married Decima Woodham, daughter of Twyford Woodham of Ely on 9 March 1735.[3] Their marriage bore them a son, Sir Christopher Sykes, 2nd Baronet.

In 1761 he inherited Sledmere House and its large estate from his elder brother, Sir Richard Sykes. He was succeeded by his son, Christopher.

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Baronetage of Great Britain
New creation Baronet
(of Sledmere)
Succeeded by
Christopher Sykes