Sir Nigel Gresley's Canal

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Sir Nigel Gresley's Canal was a 3-mile (4.8 km) private canal between Apedale and Newcastle-under-Lyme both in Staffordshire, England.[1]


The canal was used to transport coal from Sir Nigel Gresley's mines.[1] It opened in 1776 after being approved by Act of Parliament in 1775.[2] The act placed controls on the price at which coal transported via the canal to Newcastle could be sold for the following 42 years.[3] The canal was transferred to the ownership of Robert Edensor Heathcote in 1827.[4] It closed around 1857.[5]

The canal joined the Junction Canal at a mill in Cross Heath, a site now occupied by a motorbike shop in Swift House on the A34 Liverpool Road. It then ran northwest to Milehouse, Chesterton and the Apedale mines.

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