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Sir Robert Borden High School
1000 x 1000
131 Greenbank Road

, ,
Coordinates45°19′56″N 75°46′52″W / 45.332254°N 75.781074°W / 45.332254; -75.781074Coordinates: 45°19′56″N 75°46′52″W / 45.332254°N 75.781074°W / 45.332254; -75.781074
School boardOttawa Carleton District School Board
SuperintendentFrank Wiley[1]
Area trusteeDonna Blackburn
AdministratorToni Bernard
PrincipalWendy Verreault
Teaching staff65
Enrolment825 (2018)
LanguageEnglish, French Immersion
Hours in school day9:00 am to 3:08 pm for High-schoolers, 8:35 am to 3:20 pm for the Middle-schoolers Monday to Friday[2]
Colour(s)Royal Blue and Yellow
MascotBolt the Bengal
Team nameSRB Bengals
Communities servedCraig Henry, Briargreen, Knoxdale, Manordale, Leslie Park, Centerpointe, Qualicum, Trend-Arlington

Sir Robert Borden High School (SRB, Borden) is a high school located on Greenbank Road in the Nepean district of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Adjacent to the main office of the Ottawa-Carleton District School Board, this school was built in 1969 and officially opened on December 5, 1969. It is named after the late Conservative Prime Minister of Canada, Robert Borden.

Architecturally, the building itself is divided into several different wings. The wing known affectionately as "The Square" (Named after its imposing shape overlooking Greenbank Road) houses the science, computer, English, and combined French and social sciences departments. Another wing, "The Circle", which overlooks sports fields and a local neighbourhood, houses the Technology and Drama departments, the keyboarding room and all Grade 7 to 8 classes starting in 2017-2018 School year. These two wings are centred on a foyer on the main level, which is a popular place for students to socialize. The additional courses are provided in portables northeast of most of the school near where the Middle-schoolers have recess. The portables contains the remainder of the departments that could not fit into the interior of the school due to the allocated space to the Grade 7/8s. The portables also contains the Athletics department, as the Health units of Gym/Fitness and certain courses is taught there. The Foyer is the centre of the school, being at the entrance in cross-roads between the square, gymnasium, auditorium, locker bay and library. The foyer is currently used to host activities like the "Foyer Games" which is a party game-like activity with games like Horses and Cavaliers occurring during Fridays, Thursdays when Friday isn't available and Spirit Weeks. A sound system was installed to facilitate performances by student bands or student council activities over the lunch hour during 1999. However, and as of 2019 it is currently not being used and unplugged in lieu of bringing speakers in. There is also a multi-purpose auditorium, which has partitions which can divide the hall into three smaller lecture theatres, and 2 large gymnasiums with their own partitions, which makes them ideal for hosting high school athletics.

Sir Robert Borden High School is often recognized in its community for its leading music, arts and athletics programs, having won many local sports championships and arts and music competitions. The school mascot, Bolt the Bengal, represents its many sports teams and clubs.

The school is also used after hours and on weekends by many community groups and sports leagues, and is often used as a polling station in municipal, provincial and federal elections.

Starting with the 2017-2018 year, the school includes grades 7-12, absorbing Greenbank Middle School. The school's principal is currently Wendy Verreault who took over for Barb Gage at the beginning of the 2012-13 school year. The vice-principals are Ken MacQueen, John Unsworth and Christina Gillanders.[3]

Programs offered[edit]

  • Bilingual Program
  • Cooperative Education
  • Extended French
  • Learning Disabled Program
  • Semestered
  • Summer courses (when construction isn't present)
  • SHSM

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