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Siraj Aurangabadi (Urdu: سراج اورنگ آبادی) was a famous mystic poet. He was born at Aurangabad Maharashtra. His full name was Siraj-ud-Din Aurangabadi.


Along with Wali Dakhni siraj was the only other poet from Deccan to have left deep imprint on the tone and diction of Urdu. Siraj was one of the two front ranking poets who actually led life of a mystic, other being Mir Dard.


The anthology of his poems titled Kulliyat-i-Siraj contains his ghazals along with his famous masnavi Nazm-i-Siraj. Influenced by famous Persian poets like Hafiz, Siraj gave ghazal a new orchestration of mystical experience. Hence his ghazals have two dimensional layers of meaning the mystical and metaphysical at one level, and secular and physical at another. Siraj’s masnavi Nazm I Siraj, though based on saga of love remains an embodiment of the emotion of love revealing the mysteries of life through sorrow and yearning. Siraj had his share of influence on the north Indian Urdu poets along with Wali Dakhni and after that Iqbal (Illama) and his lyrical ghazals are admired and emulated today.

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