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Siren 17
Siren 17 sailboat 0991.jpg
Designer Hubert Vandestadt
Location Canada
Year 1974
No. built 3200
Builder(s) Vandestadt & McGruer Ltd
Boat weight 750 lb (340 kg)
Type Monohull
Construction Fiberglass
LOA 17.17 ft (5.23 m)
LWL 15.00 ft (4.57 m)
Beam 6.67 ft (2.03 m)
Hull draft 4.25 ft (1.30 m) with centreboard down
Engine type Outboard motor
Hull appendages
Keel/board type fin keel
Ballast 130 lb (59 kg)
Rudder(s) transom-mounted rudder
General Fractional rigged sloop
I (foretriangle height) 17.00 ft (5.18 m)
J (foretriangle base) 6.00 ft (1.83 m)
P (mainsail luff) 22.00 ft (6.71 m)
E (mainsail foot) 8.00 ft (2.44 m)
Mainsail area 88.00 sq ft (8.175 m2)
Jib/genoa area 51.00 sq ft (4.738 m2)
Total sail area 139.00 sq ft (12.914 m2)

The Siren 17 is a Canadian sailboat, that was designed by Hubert Vandestadt as trailer sailer and first built in 1974.[1][2][3]


Siren 17 sailboat with trailer
Siren 17 sailboat with trailer

The boat was built by Vandestadt & McGruer Ltd in Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada, between 1974 and 1987, but it is now out of production.[1]

The Siren 17 was one of the most successful small sailboats ever built and 3200 were completed during its 13-year production run.[1]


The Siren 17 is a small recreational keelboat, built predominantly of fiberglass, with wood trim. It has a fractional sloop rig, a transom-hung rudder and a retractable centreboard keel. It displaces 750 lb (340 kg) and carries 130 lb (59 kg) of iron ballast.[1][2]

The boat has a draft of 4.25 ft (1.30 m) with the centreboard extended and 0.67 ft (0.20 m) with it retracted, allowing beaching or ground transportation on a trailer.[1]

The boat is normally fitted with a small outboard motor for manoeuvring. It has a hull speed of 5.19 kn (9.61 km/h).[1][2]

Unlike many boats under 20 feet in length, the Halman will generally come well equipped with lifelines, winches, and other gear. Its cabin has 5 feet of standing headroom and it is remarkably roomy for a 20 footer, although some of this space was achieved at the expense of a smaller cockpit.

Operational history[edit]

In a review Michael McGoldrick wrote, "The Siren 17 is one of the better "micro cruisers"... It's possible for two adults to sleep in its small cuddy cabin, albeit in very cramped quarters. Many people would prefer to rig a small tent over the boom and sleep in the cockpit (and a custom made tent was actually a factory option for this boat).

"The Siren 17 has a large cockpit that is longer than what is found on many 23 or 24 footers. With a displacement of only 750 pounds, launching, hauling out, and towing this boat is an extremely feasible proposition with a mid size car."[4]

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