Sirens (Ultradrug – Thee Sequel)

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Sirens (Ultradrug - Thee Sequel)
Remix album by Psychic TV & Genesis P-Orridge
Released 1995
Label Visionary Communication VICD005
Psychic TV & Genesis P-Orridge chronology
Ultradrug (1994) Sirens (Ultradrug - Thee Sequel) (1995) Breathe (1995)

Sirens (Ultradrug – Thee Sequel) is a remix album by Psychic TV. Sugar J remixes Godstar '94 (as Stargods) and Burned Out, But Building (as Skreemer), Andrew Weatherall remixes the track United '94 (as Re-United), and Psychic TV as DJ Doktor Megatrip remixes Love - War - Riot (as Sirens). The track Sirens is identical as the Love - War - Riot (Vocoder Mix) from the compilation "Origin Of The Species" Volume Too!, where it is correctly credited. The title references the earlier Psychic TV album Ultradrug.

Liner notes[edit]

"Thee SIRENS do not sing for me. They scream abuse, they signal rape. Their call is not to love, nor embrace, but a call to arms to destroy a race of those who can still think. A loud and burning issue bursts forth from flaming hole. Sighss and suckles, each moment power, and every cell a soul. An end to mark the start of TIME is only close in mind. Touch everything you can with dreams, and end thee SIRENS crime." (Old TOPI poem)

Track listing and credits[edit]

  1. "Stargods" - 6:08
  2. "Skreemer" - 11:52
  3. "Re-United (Mix 1)" - 5:52
  4. "Re-United (Mix 2)" - 5:56
  5. "Re-United (Mix 3)" - 11:21
  6. "Re-United (Mix 4)" - 11:49
  7. "Sirens" - 6:45