Sirens Sister

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Sirens Sister
Sirens Sister.jpg
Sirens Sister in 2009
Background information
OriginSeattle, Washington
GenresAlternative rock
Years active2006–present
LabelsThe Control Group
Associated actsVendetta Red
Alien Crime Syndicate
Shane Tutmarc
MembersZach Davidson
Leif Andersen
Levi Andersen
Chris Bridges
Ben Libey
Past membersTodd Janes
Jason Bohl
Joel McNayer
Jeff Rouse

Sirens Sister is an American rock band based in Seattle, Washington. The group was formed in 2006, following the breakup of Vendetta Red,[1][2][3] former members Zach Davidson, Leif Andersen and Rouse, as well as local drummer Ben Libay,[2] formed Sirens Sister, initially in Bakersfield, California before relocating to Seattle.[1][3]

Influenced by the likes of U2,[3] Simple Minds, Duran Duran[3] and Echo & the Bunnymen[1][2] the group signed with The Control Group[1][2][3] and recorded their debut album Echoes from the Ocean Floor, released the same year,[1][2][3] with producer Martin Feveyear[4] and garnered some positive reviews.[5] In 2007 Rouse left the group and was replaced by Andersen's brother, Levi Andersen, on bass. Their second album, Unspeakable Things, was released in August 2009.


Echoes from the Ocean Floor (2006)[edit]

  1. "Kissing Her"
  2. "Womb Dreams From The Ether"
  3. "Hold On"
  4. "Should've Known"
  5. "So Long"
  6. "Closer & Closer"
  7. "Echoes"
  8. "Hideaway"
  9. "You're So Cruel"
  10. "Emerald Eyes"
  11. "Faultline"
  12. "They're After Us"

Unspeakable Things (2009)[edit]

  1. "The Thing In The Woods"
  2. "Unspeakable Things"
  3. "Immaterial Girl"
  4. "The Sea Of Claws"
  5. "Into The Ether"
  6. "Sparks"
  7. "Scarlet Hearts"
  8. "Eyes Catch Fire"
  9. "Never Let Go"
  10. "The Cloak Of Shadows"
  11. "In My Bones Where Winter Never Sleeps"


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