Sirenum Fossae

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Sirenum Fossae
Close up view to eastern part of Sirenum Fossae based on day THEMIS.png
Part of Sirenum Fossae based on THEMIS day-time image
Coordinates 34°54′S 160°54′W / 34.9°S 160.9°W / -34.9; -160.9Coordinates: 34°54′S 160°54′W / 34.9°S 160.9°W / -34.9; -160.9

Sirenum Fossae is a trough in the Memnonia quadrangle of Mars, located at 34.9° south latitude and 160.9° west longitude. Sirenum Fossae is 2,735 km long and was named after a classical albedo feature name.[1] Troughs on Mars like this one are called Fossae. Sirenum Fossae is believed to have formed by movement along a pair of faults causing a center section to drop down. This kind of feature is called a graben.

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