Siri Fort Auditorium

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Siri Fort Auditorium
Siri Fort auditorium.JPG
Siri Fort auditorium complex entrance
General information
Type auditorium complex
Address Khel Gaon Road, Siri Fort,
New Delhi - 110049
Opened 1982
Renovated 2010
Client Government of India
Owner Directorate of Film Festivals, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting
Technical details
Floor area 8,312.44 m2 (89,474.4 sq ft)
Design and construction
Main contractor Delhi Development Authority

Siri Fort Auditorium is premier multi-auditorium complex of Government of India. Situated in the Siri Fort in New Delhi, it is also the headquarters of the Directorate of Film Festivals (DFF), Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, which also run the complex.[1] Also close by is the Siri Fort Sports Complex. It was a combined seating capacity of 2500, spread over its four auditorium, making it the largest such complex in Delhi. Besides the National Film Festival organized by DFF wherein public screening of National Film Award winning films is held,[2][3] it also hosts musical concerts, cultural performances, and plays.[4][5]


Interior view of Siri Fort Auditorium

Built in the historic Siri Fort area, the 14th-century settlement of Delhi built by Alauddin Khilji[6] the main auditorium no. I, was built by the Delhi Development Authority (DDA) during 1982 Asian Games held in Delhi. In 1986, the auditorium was taken over by the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting at a cost 98,147,000 (US$1.5 million). Subsequently, the Ministry added three smaller auditoriums, Auditorium-II in 1992, Auditorium-III in 1996 and Auditorium-IV in 2003[7] The complex underwent a renovation in 2009-2010.[8]


The nearest station of Delhi Metro is Green Park metro station located on the Yellow Line, and exiting from Gautam Nagar.


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