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Sirijap is located in Jammu and Kashmir
Location of Sirijap

Sirijap is a small plain in Tibet Autonomous Region, China. It is in the southern part of the Aksai Chin region which is controlled by China but claimed by India. It is on northern bank of the Pangong Tso.

According to an Indian general, India had established three posts in Sirijap between April 1960 and October 1962. Chinese forces defeated these posts on 21 October 1962 after encountering fierce resistance.[1]

According to Indian media, China constructed a metal-top road in the area in May 2013. The Indian army claims to have used the road to patrol the area.[2]


Coordinates: 33°44′24″N 78°50′56″E / 33.74°N 78.849°E / 33.74; 78.849